All Grown Up

This super cliché post is about a very special high school senior. One who is near to my heart, but also who I have been mad at a time or two, and may have possibly tormented in my youth. My favorite senior in high school this year is my little brother, Brett. Somehow he grew up to be the giant brother who all of a sudden is going off to college?! When did this happen? Last I checked he, liked the color yellow, wouldn't stop talking about animals, and he was way shorter than me! Now at the same height and with a down to earth sweet nature he has grown up to be such a nice young man! He is still a pain sometimes, do not get me wrong, once a brother, always a brother. 

Brett High School Senior Pictures

Brett was wonderful to work with! He smiled, laughed at my jokes, and would look into the distance with funny faces. Some pictures turned out to be pure gold (if pure gold is awkward eyes and confused looks). I really realized that Brett and I were true siblings when I helped him pick out what to wear. He came up stairs and laid out some shirts on the floor. They were all gray. So my black wardrobe and his gray go very nicely together! I'm so proud of these photographs, but mostly because they are of my baby brother (cue the awwww). 

High School Senior Photography