Puddle Princess

With all the rain we got a few weeks ago, I couldn't help but think about jumping in puddles. Luckily we had one big puddle left and a very cute lil princess to go along with it! I also had a flower crown from Vintage Floral, in Chester on hand. They are an awesome little flower shop, from my old home town! They did such a wonderful job, and used some of my favorite flowers, ranaculus. 

With her crown pinned in her hair tight, we set the princess loose! We had so much fun! Splash here! Now jump there! It did take awhile to convince her it was fine to jump and get her dress wet (thanks to an awesome prepared mom)! After the puddles we sat her down by our beautiful flowering nanking cherry bush! The pictures came out soooooo gorgeous! It really helps to have such an adorable model!