The Farm Life

Kids are cute there is no doubt. Henke kid's I think are particularly cute (may help I'm related to them). I had the pleasure of spending the day with Trekk and Willow Henke to do a photo shoot with Willow for her sixth birthday! It was an absolute blast! Willow was very excited when I arrived and excited to show me her new outfit! She was bouncing around all over the place, I had to work hard to keep up with her! We did a mini little glitter shoot, which Trekk hopped right on in! They had a hard time blowing the glitter with our wind on the prairie that day!

Lil Willow was a natural in front of the camera! She and Scarlet (her corgi) were so adorable together! She would just lead her around and dress her up in her own sweater! ADORABLE! We made a lil teepee which I shot as fast as I could till it blew over! I was so impressed also with Willow's cupcake decorating skills! She decorated her own cupcakes with pink frosting and then used blue sprinkles for Trekk, I'm pretty sure she's a nicer sister than I was! 

Trekk was scared of me at first , I was "that lady." but after awhile I had a new best friend! His mom had warned me he might not smile for pictures, so I am ecstatic with the ones I got! He got to explore all over grandpa's farm so that probably helped! His cute lil cowboy hat and boots just were to adorable!

Megan Benjamin