Super Grandma

Kevin and I got some time away from the farm last week and were able to head to Bigfork to see his grandma! Now she isn't exactly the milk and cookies kind of grandma. She's more into the outdoors, and pack mules! We got there in time for supper, and Kevin asked how she's been and if she's stayed busy. Most ladies her age I would expect some knitting, reading, those sorts of things maybe?

Grandma Lois though has been cutting down all the dead trees on her property! By herself! She's been doing it forever. She is a pro! She used to cut down old trees and sell them to a mill, but they wouldn't take the smaller ends. So she had all these logs, so of course she made a cabin out of all the leftover logs! She didn't tell anyone she was building a cabin, she just did it! 

We took her to Kalispell with us and as we were driving along she looked at the ski hill and said how much she missed it. She told us she decided after her foot surgery when she was 80, that maybe she should give up skiing! No big deal!?

I asked her if it would be ok if I took some pictures of her by her latest wood pile and chainsaw. Her eyes lit up, and a huge smile crossed her face. "Of course!" she said. I just had to document her with her chainsaw the moment I heard all about her doings! Grandma Lois is definitely a true Montana lady!