Sunflowers at Sunrise

It is harvest time up here on the high-line which means beautiful fields, amazing sunsets, and sunrises! I took advantage of the sunrise the other day at my folk's farm. Dad is growing sunflowers this year that are food grade and to be sent to North Dakota. I've had both parents keep me updated on the stages of the sunflowers trying to gage when a good time to shoot them would be! 

The day before dad sent a great photo of them with the farm in the background! GO TIME!!!! So before the sun was up I sprung from the house and drove over to Chester. Dad drove us out to the field, but first had to show us how the "car wash" worked. the "car wash" would be my folk's pivot. Dad's plan backfired when the water hit the pickup and instead of rolling down his window he rolled down moms...... next we heard the high pitched squeals of my dear mother getting hit with very cold pivot water... opps... 

The earlier incident didn't show in their pictures thankfully! As we pulled up to the sunflowers the sun was dipping behind the clouds and it started sprinkling! GAH! I was glad I dragged speed light with me! Light was not a problem! And the rain just made the sunflowers pop even more!

Yup these are my folks... thats what 25 years together looks like!