Chance + Kirstin Engagement Session

This session meant a lot to me so I feel super blessed to have been apart of it. Before I married my husband, Kevin, I went to Europe with some college friends. Chance was one of them that came on that trip. This trip was super special but even more so now, because that’s when Chance met Kirstin in Ireland. I remember going on a walk with a group of young people and Kirstin complimenting Chance on his watch. I’m pretty sure thats when he fell in love with her!

While editing this session I seriously almost cried a couple of times. These guys are so in love, and their smiles, and laughter are proof. They had a hard time keeping any strait faces. It is just so cool to see their relationship come full circle!

I’m so excited that these two will be getting married this summer! I know how hard long distance can be, but I can’t feel too bad for Chance, since he got to go to Ireland all the time to see Kirstin. Congratulations guys!