Gretta In The Greenhouse

Little Gretta helped model some of my new bonnets today for her 9 month pictures!

I am so in love with these! I knew shooting in the greenhouse would be fun, but I could not be happier with these! The mood, the colors, Gretta’s style! So on point! I think I am going to need a greenhouse just to take pictures in!

In the beginning of the shoot the light was super moody and full of contrast, it lent to some super rich photos!

While shooting on the floor the light reflected off the cement lending to a lighter feel to Gretta’s pictures!

Gretta wasn’t too excited about pictures to begin with so Charlie grabbed her cow for her! I love it actually! These document one of her favorite toys and it kind of helps tie together this little farm girl image.

I also did a lil experimenting during this session. I practiced some free-lensing. Free-lensing is when your lens isn’t attached to your camera but your still shooting through it. I’m kinda shocked at how these turned out and how much of an old look and true film look they have! They have that flat feeling which is what i’ve been missing when try to truly replicate film!