It's All About That Bread

I think it is very safe to say I love bread. Carbs in general. But artisanal bread became my obsession when I first went to Europe with my Gammie and Mike Mike (we like nicknames in our family). We had so much fun in France together. We strolled the streets of Paris (where Mike Mike nicknamed a street we found, the museum of human spectacle), explored Museums, which Gammie and I may have set an alarm off at the Louvre.... whoops.

The best thing we discovered though I would say is all the wonderful food! I absolutely fell in love with baguettes, brie, alouette cheese, creme brûlée, and amazing pastries. There were endless choices everywhere! The baking fanatic in me was in high heaven! Fast forward 5 years later and I still love baking, and good thing since our closest bakery is an hour and half away! As a wedding gift one of our friends gave us a complete kit needed to make sourdough bread along with a jar of her starter! My bakery needs would now be fulfilled, instead of running to Wild Crumb in Bozeman every Friday! But someone can only make so many loaves of sourdough a week, and homemade puff pastry (so much grating of butter ugh) So when I found Big Sky Bakery in Great Falls, it was a dream come true!


Here was everything I love under one roof! So after buying practically one of everything to bring home to hubby, I of course had to practice some more food photography. The loaf of sourdough I got had olives in it, which makes for a fantastic combination by the way! 


Check out Big Sky Bread and Pastry sometime you are in downtown Great Falls! They have wonderful bread, treats, and sandwiches!