Jossi Family Session

Lifestyle Family Session

Well this session was one for the books! I learned that sometimes fall can be realllllly cold, especially by a river! And that lil kids do not appreciate the cold, and will not smile at you for anything... If anything those pictures will be something to look back and laugh on! There were some good ones, but I liked the photos from plan B better!

As the kids teeth chattered away and their dear screams filled the park, Kara suggested that maybe we just go to their house to try some pictures. 

I'm really glad we did because I got to try my hand at some lifestyle photography! I loved how they turned out! I feel like they are much more personal and tell a story better than your average posed family pictures! The kids seemed to enjoy it a lot more than freezing outside, but it may have been the muffins they got to munch on?!