What to Expect

My shooting style is more laid back. It’s a mix of candid moments and posed. I also edit all my sessions to match film like colors. I also try and give you some black and white photos when I have really similar pictures, but if there is ever one that you would rather have in color just let me know!

I upload all your photos to an online gallery. This makes it easy to look at all your pictures and favorite ones by star-ing them. You are also able to download your digitals from there or purchase prints through me!


+ What do you shoot with?

I am a Nikon fan! Some of my first point and shoot cameras in high school were Nikons. I honestly got serious about Nikon when I noticed a bunch of photographers I admire shoot with Nikon. My camera now is a Nikon d750 and I shoot with a sigma 35 that hardly ever comes off my camera body! I also have a mirrorless fuji that I pair with an old film Nikon lens! This is one of my favorites to take on our travels!

+ What Are your rates?

My rates depend on what kind of session your looking for. To find more information look here.

(p.s. I’m looking for a super fun couple to do a waffle shoot on their kitchen floor… so if your cool, like waffles, and have a rad kitchen let me know and I will give you a deal!)


I really appreciate if you set aside at least 2 hours for sessions. Sometimes it takes more if we have some traveling to do as well!

+ What Time are sessions USUALLY?

Rule of thumb is golden hour! Which is an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset. Sunrise I feel like gives more of a gold light and sunset gives more copper tones. So in the summer be prepared for early morning sessions and late evening sessions!

+ Do You have a Studio?

At this time I sadly do not. I really hope to someday! So for now nature is my studio! I also offer lifestyle sessions that take place in your home.

+ You are based in Shelby? do you travel elswhere?

Yup! I do currently live outside of Devon to be specific but it’s only a half hour drive into town. I love to travel! Living in Montana travel is just apart of our lives. Check out my package page to see my travel fee.

+ How do we book?

Booking with me is as easy as calling, sending a message, or email! We talk a bit about what your thinking and we figure out a date from there! I do ask that you pay 25% of your session fee to lock down your date. Then we can get busy planning your session to make it unique to you!

+ What should I wear to my session?

This is HUGE! I cannot stress this enough! What you wear makes a difference! It gives you confidence and also gives you personality! I always suggest on bringing a couple of outfits with you. I recommend at least 3.

  1. Your everyday look that you feel comfortable and completely yourself in.

  2. Date night or Sunday best. This outfit is a lil dressier maybe pack some heals or a suit jacket?

  3. My last suggestion is maybe something you have always wanted to wear but never had the confidence to, or a totally new outfit! This is your confidence piece!


My suggestions to you would be to pack a flow-y dress or skirt. These photograph AMAZING! It gives you something to do with your hands. Reality is we have wind in this part of our country, and long flowing dresses pair really nice with that!


If a guy is used to wearing jeans and T-shirts he is more than welcome to wear them for at least a few images to keep everyone happy!


Family time! Now we don’t want everybody to look like twins, but we do want you to look like a family! Think more in a color family rather than just one color, so neutrals, like creams tans and white, or darker like blacks and grays and blue. Also thinking in textures rather than patterns. This all really helps with family sessions!

I am always available to help you decide what to wear for your sessions. Just message me pictures of what you plan on wearing, or putting together for your family if you are unsure.