+ What should I wear to my session?

Megan is availbe to help you decide what to wear for your sessions. You want to look more timeless than trendy to help give your photos a more timeless look that will last years. Always start with neautrals.

dress however they normally would for a nice date or gathering.

It’s usually good to avoid bold, distracting colors or patterns. These will overpower a viewer, and depending on how fine the pattern is they can sometimes even cause an issue on the camera sensor known as MOIRE. (Google it if you want to learn more!) Of course sometimes bright neon colors or flashy patterns is indeed what a client wants to use in at least one scene of the shoot, which is fine. This might just be a part of the couple’s fun, happy personalities

When In Doubt, Fit Into The Location - Generally speaking, a wardrobe ought to match the location of the shoot. For example while a dark suit and cocktail dress would really t in for a downtown city type of shoot (image b), it would be very out of place in the woods or on the beach. Oppositely, cowboy boots and flannel or plaid would look out of place in a city or urban setting.

Again, rules are meant to be broken of course, and dressing classy in an outdoor setting can look dramatic and artistic if done properly. Just be sure to converse with your clients and stay on the same page. If you plan on shooting a er dark or in shadowy areas, keep in mind that darker colors can blend into a dark background very easily. So either be very careful with where you shoot and how you compose your photos, or encourage clients to wear lighter colored clothes for any scene that will have deep, dark shadows. Another thing to warn clients about is wardrobes that match too much. If they wear the exact same style and/ or colors, they might be mistaken for a brother and sister instead of an engaged couple! So, a touch of matching color here or there is great but don’t overdo it. Comfort - A main priority is of course comfort, both physical and mental. Wearing comfy shoes for at least some of the photo shoot is advisable for women who might be inclined to wear heels. If a guy is used to wearing jeans and T-shirts (see image to the right), then consider suggesting that he do so for at least a few images to keep everyone happy. Remind clients that it isn’t usually necessary to buy all new clothes for a photo shoot; especially if they are worried about feeling comfortable or looking great in front of the camera. Assure them that the best thing is to dress however they normally would for a nice date or gathering. A er all, it is our job to help them look their best, and the biggest help is if they feel as natural and relaxed as possible.

Some of my favorite Online places to shop are:

  • Joy folie a wondeferful boutique specializing in womens and girls clothing! They even have classy matching sets!

  • Morning Lavendar This is a great boutique to shop for photosessions becuase the owner used to be a wedding photographer herself!

  • Love You Forever Boutique Super cute little girl clothes perfect for photo sessions.

  • ASOS Tons of clothes for men and women for any budget.

    + You are based in Shelby, do you travel elswhere?

I sure do! I love to travel!

+ How do we book


+ How do we book

Just email, or call me to reserve your date and time. Then we can get busy planning your session to make it unique to you!

+ How do we book


+ How do we book


Can I Order Photo Books?

Not everybody has the time, or patience to arrange pictures for a photo book. I love seeing the pictures in a sense come to life on pages you can touch and feel. Photo books are a wonderful way to really get a sense of the session you had. Wedding photo books are a wonderful reminder of your day and have the potential to tell a beautiful story for years after your wedding day.  I love curating pictures for photo books much like you would in an art gallery! 

Lay-flat Books For Families

I offer books organized and designed with the images from your session. These are a great yearbook for your family to remember how small or tall your kids were! 

Lay-flat Books For Weddings

The books I design for weddings are high-end albums that are handmade in Iowa. 

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