To travel


I think of,

the places I’ve seen.

The languages I’ve heard

The faces I’ve noticed

The cultures I have experienced.


There are so many beautiful places and interesting people in this world. The Notre Dame fire reminds us that it can all be taken away from us. Countries change. Languages disappear.  Art destroyed or stolen. Buildings can go up in smoke. Life is not certain. 


Travel and experience what you can while you can.


Oh The Places You’ll Go! is a common book that is given to high school graduates. I think of my high school graduation and all the dreams I had of traveling. Not even a month later I spent two weeks in France with my Gammie and Mike-Mike (cutest nickname ever). The Notre Dame was one of the places we visited on that trip. It was amazing to see an architectural achievement I had only dreamed of seeing someday.

That’s when I caught the travel bug.

I spent two weeks in China that August with an exchange program. I studied abroad in Italy while in college. Spent a month with cousins in France. And have since gone back to Europe to visit friends, and to see new places. Now I have a pretty good tally of countries I’ve traveled to. There is always more to explore. The world is a huge place with wonders everywhere. It also doesn’t take a trip across ocean to experience that. Montana is filled with interesting people, and places. There is a lifetime of exploring right in our backyard.

I encourage anyone who can, to travel and explore.