Brand New

New year, new website! More like procrastination at its finest! I've been sitting on this website for the last few months since I graduated from Montana State University, just wondering what to do with it. So today after a lot of thinking, and ice cream I decided to work on it again, and decide if this was something I wanted to pursue. 

I just saw Jacqui Smith of, Simply Jacqui Photography's, post yesterday on her blog about her joining forces with, Floating Leaf Studios, in Helena, Montana. Her post almost gave me a panic attack! Photography had almost burnt her out, she was missing out on her own family for other peoples special moments. 

That made me think.

Do I potentially want to put myself in that situation? probably not, but when that time comes, we will see. This is a beginning, just a start full of possibilities! Well doesn't this sound like a disney movie.....  

So anyway hope everyone likes the new website!