We here in Montana have been stuck in some cold weather. Its been below freezing for a long time, but this week it finally warmed up! 38 degrees never felt so warm! The great thing about January though is that its blood orange season! 

I have been craving blood oranges lately. They remind me of Italy, and the wonderful spremuta we could get at coffee bars. So fresh and so good! Spremuta means fresh squeezed juice. So when I checked up on what is in season in January, I was one happy camper! 

I was worried at first that our small local grocery store wouldn't have them, but I did find them, so I pretty much bought out the store..... and the neighboring towns grocery store too.... 

It takes a lot of these little blood oranges to make a pitcher of fresh squeezed juice, but they are so sweet and beautiful, it is worth it! While I had them on hand I also decided to test out my food staging skills. I love cooking and photography so its really fun to put something together. I also collect tons of vintage items so it makes everything feel justified if I can use them. 

In this shoot, I used an old wood platter from the 50s, made in California. A beautiful porcelain colander made by Kirk Jackson, which was a wedding gift from my Gammie. And to brighten it al up I had a beautiful floral linen tablecloth on hand.