Photo by, Davide Vasta

Photo by, Davide Vasta

Shelby Montana Photographer

Hello, I'm Megan Benjamin. 

I found my way from a small prairie town, Chester,  in northern Montana, to Montana State University, Bozeman. There I received a Bachelors of Fine Art.  Living in the big city (it had stop lights!) had been a change, but I  never forgot the rolling plains that I called home. Big sky country has been my main inspiration in my creative works, from painting, photography, and graphic design.  

I have been very lucky to be inspired by wonderful professors and friends who value creativity.  I traveled to Italy with MSU my junior year, which was an inspirational and life changing experience. After traveling across the ocean, the Atlantic or Pacific, I have never forgotton my favorite place.

In the fall of 2016 I married the farmer of my dreams, and settled down on the prairie. We have an organic grain farm, a cute puppy, and lots of family on both sides to keep us busy! 

I absolutely love finding new gems in rural Montana, if they be people or places! I believe it is so important to capture these memories of your life now, and be able to look back on them to remind you of those special moments.

Please contact me about any of your photography, or creative needs, I would love to hear from you!

If you want to check out my pricing and more about sessions check out my investment page.

-Megan Benjamin 

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